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Cynthia Schrader Roy

I am asked all the time..what is Yoga? The answer for me continues to evolve and take on many shapes and forms. I do not know if I will ever come to a definitive answer as long as I continue to practice Yoga, learn Yoga, and serve others. However, I do know that Yoga has had profound effects on my life. Beginning in 2010, I had no idea where I was going when I first stepped on my mat. At first it was the physical challenge that kept me going. It was hard. I did not look forward to my scheduled Yoga days. But eventually something began to happen deep within my soul. It was as if there was a clearing of some sort, and at that time it was unexplainable. Now when I look back I realize that little transformations were beginning to emerge every time I practiced Yoga.

By 2014, I became certified in Vinyasa Flow Yoga. My love and interest continued to grow, and I became certified in Areal & Chair Yoga within that same year. My passion continued..seeking something more traditional, more authentic within the roots of Yoga. My thirst for more took me to Rishikesh, India, where I completed my 300 Teacher Training. It was an incredible journey that led me to a new Universe of depth that I couldn’t have imagined.
So what is Yoga for me today? Yoga is a daily presence in Self, as much as it is in Community. It is breath. It is awareness. It is stillness. It is discipline. It is the ability to nurture myself so that I may teach and serve others with honor and compassion. I’ve always loved Vinyasa Yoga, but I now equally share this love with Chair Yoga and the Restorative practices. The healing properties of Yoga are endless, and my style of teaching is to embrace the healing benefits of Yoga and teach for any body type, age, disability, and variations of immobility. I look forward to my continued growth and I embrace the not-knowing of shapes that are yet to come.

Cynthia Schrader Roy