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Britnei Wade

I am a Yoga enthusiast, instructor, and perpetual student. My Yoga practice started around the age of 17, when my mother brought me to my first class with the hope to work on our flexibility and get some good exercise together. It wasn’t long after my first class that I started noticing the transformation happening inside myself, and as I started to realize that this Yoga “work out” was definitely that, but also so much more. The mindful breathing techniques, movement, and meditation aspects of Yoga quickly became an extremely influential and pleasurable part of my life. As I got deeper into my practice I became more and more curious about this life changing art form and decided at the age of 21 to enroll in a 200 hour Yoga teacher training program at a local studio here in Reno. I strive to deliver heartfelt themes in my Yoga classes, with every movement specifically designed to correlate and resonate with the overall theme. My classes are welcoming to any and all abilities, complete with pose modifications and more advanced pose options as well. I encourage my students to take their practice with them off of the Yoga mat and into their everyday lives, where the practice matters the most. I am so excited to share my love for Yoga with all of you. Yoga has changed the quality of my everyday life and my dream is to share the same philosophy, love, gratitude, strength, and acceptance I have gained through my own practice and spread it around the world.

Britnei Wade