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Lee Goss

I will always remember my first Yoga class. As I lay on my mat in Savasana, sweating from every pore, I cried, and I knew that yoga was something incredible. I didn't just want it in my life, I needed it! Getting into the healthy habit of taking care of myself was not easy but when I was doing Yoga, I began feeling better in every aspect of my life. Slowly Yoga became my life style and my life blossomed into something wonderful! Yoga makes me feel connected, free, healthy and whole. Before Yoga I was a ball of stress which caused stomach problems and anxiety. I felt uncomfortable in the vessel that I was blessed with. I didn't even really know how to breath. Yoga showed me how. It decreased my stress and anxiety and diminished my stomach problems as well as taught me how to manage them before they arise. I feel truly Alive and I want everyone to feel this way! So, my Yoga journey continued and I received my 200 hour teacher certification. I wanted to make Yoga my life and to share it with anyone who would listen. Now, 5 years later I am opening Now Yoga, to share the power of Yoga with my family, friends, and community! When I’m not doing Yoga you can find me with my love Nathan, walking our dog, hiking, swimming, walking the beach, or traveling the world world. Loving this blessing of Life.

Lee Goss