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Now Yoga Instructors

  • Katie Polon

    Hello fellow Yoga practitioners! My name is Katie and I'm so honored to be a part of Now Yoga! I was born in New Mexico but raised in the Biggest Little City. I went to school outside of Park City, Utah and it was there that I developed a love for the outdoors and becoming more in tune with my body. I believe firstly in the flexibility of the mind and the body will follow if you will it to do so. I have recently been fortunate enough to travel to India and obtain my 200 hour yoga teacher training certificate. The knowledge I gained from that experience is indescribable. My only wish is to be able to pass some of my training and love of Yoga onto others. If you let it, the benefits are unparalleled. Yoga and children have also been a huge part of my life for over 10 years. I believe instilling positive habits at a young age is extremely important and yoga is a lifestyle that can benefit everyone at every age. I adore children and the light in their eyes when they learn something new. It is truly remarkable. It is also important to remember as adults to push ourselves to feel that same level of self pride. Constantly loving yourself, honoring yourself and taking very good care of yourself. I hope to connect with others on a level where needs and adoration can be met and achieved through the love of Yoga. Yoga is Love. You are Love. You are the light. The time is Now to empower each other. All we have is Now. What are you going to do with your Now?

    I have also been through NASM personal training course and plan to obtain my certificate in hopes of being able to bring more knowledge to my Yoga practice. I have practiced Yoga for over 10 years and recently become aware of a more yogic lifestyle. I obtained my 200 hour Yoga teacher training certification in India in November 2016. While being a part of Now Yoga, I plan to be a part of numerous and varied workshops. Specifically, prenatal and postpartum, children and seniors. I’m interested in how Yoga can be incorporated into various parts of our daily lives, from the food we eat to the neurology of how yoga can help trauma. Yoga being a real part of the body, mind and soul for everyone is my ultimate goal.

  • Lee Goss

    I will always remember my first Yoga class. As I lay on my mat in Savasana, sweating from every pore, I cried, and I knew that yoga was something incredible. I didn't just want it in my life, I needed it! Getting into the healthy habit of taking care of myself was not easy but when I was doing Yoga, I began feeling better in every aspect of my life. Slowly Yoga became my life style and my life blossomed into something wonderful! Yoga makes me feel connected, free, healthy and whole. Before Yoga I was a ball of stress which caused stomach problems and anxiety. I felt uncomfortable in the vessel that I was blessed with. I didn't even really know how to breath. Yoga showed me how. It decreased my stress and anxiety and diminished my stomach problems as well as taught me how to manage them before they arise. I feel truly Alive and I want everyone to feel this way! So, my Yoga journey continued and I received my 200 hour teacher certification. I wanted to make Yoga my life and to share it with anyone who would listen. Now, 5 years later I am opening Now Yoga, to share the power of Yoga with my family, friends, and community! When I’m not doing Yoga you can find me with my love Nathan, walking our dog, hiking, swimming, walking the beach, or traveling the world world. Loving this blessing of Life.

  • Nancy Wise

    Bio coming soon
  • Taylor Bernarda

    Bio coming soon
  • Serena Swartz

    Hello fellow yogis! My name is Serena Swartz. I have been a Reno local for the last eight years, and I absolutely love the community here. Especially our yoga community! Yoga came into my life about 4 years ago, but my life really changed when Now Yoga opened its doors two years ago in my neighborhood. I immediately joined and started practicing almost every day. It is really my home away from home! Yoga has changed my life for the better. It's a constant practice, but I'm so much more at peace with my mind, body, and spirit. Life can sometimes be so hectic, but yoga really teaches you to stop, drop, and breathe. I also love that yoga has introduced me to so many talented, supportive, and beautiful people!

    After taking so many amazing classes from each and every instructor that has passed through the doors of Now Yoga, I just kept thinking while in class, 'Wow! I could do this! I could be up there too.' So I decided to enroll in my first 200 hour teacher training with Sacred Roots at The Studio here in Reno. My experience really brought me deeper into my own practice while also giving me all the tools I need for teaching my own class. My instructors were incredible and so supportive of each of us. I am a brand new teacher so I'm still finding my voice, rhythm, and style. I can tell you that I'm trained in Vinyasa, love a vigorous & high energy flow, and love helping people go upside down! I'm really into singing bowls and chanting, so I definitely will be incorporating those into my classes as well. I'm so excited to share yoga with my friends, family, and moving foward, the Now Yoga community. Yoga is and always will be a practice so even though I'm a teacher now, I will always be learning from other classes, my students, and future trainings!

    If I'm not doing yoga, you can catch me hiking, laying on the beach at Lake Tahoe, any pool, dancin' my booty off at music festivals, and pairing delicious wine with tasty food! I'm so excited to meet you, practice yoga, and better ourselves together.