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Headstand Workshop $25Purchase required to enroll

Therapuetic Restorative Yoga Workshop $40Purchase required to enroll

Mala Making Workshop. $108Purchase required to enroll

Twist & Hip Opening Workshop $55Purchase required to enroll

Open to all levels of ability, beginners are welcome. Build confidence, strength and flexibility while calming your mind. Mats and props included.

Yoga and Your Back Workshop $40Purchase required to enroll


Mala Making Workshop $108 per classNo purchase required to enroll

The Mala was originally created in India over 3000 years ago and has roots Hinduism, Budism and Yoga. Mala is a Sanskrit term meaning “meditation garland”. The Mala is a string of 108 beads. The 109th bead is called a Guru bead and symbolizes gratitude and connection to the divine. Originally Malays we’re used for a style of meditation known as Japa, which means “to recite”.
$108 pricing includes: all supplies, group seated meditation, and an incredible unique experience. We will be using Genuine Raw Crystal Beads . Beads TBD.

Pre-Registration required || Max 10 guests

Mala Workshop: $108/Person

3 Hours: Includes all Supplies, seated meditation, and intention setting.

Yoga and Your Back $50 per classNo purchase required to enroll


Are you tired of nagging back pain? Do you suffer from sciatica? Do you have scoliosis? Learn the actions and alignment to promote good posture and a healthy back and spine in yoga postures and in life.

This workshop will introduce how to practice yoga with a back care focus. We will address poor posture and tightness in the area around the upper back, as well as reversed neck curve, shoulder dislocation and kyphosis of the upper back.

The workshop is also designed for all levels who need careful attention given to their lower back, hips and pelvis. Since the lower back is influenced by the leg muscles, particularly the hamstrings and psoas muscles, emphasis will be on flexibility and strength of the buttocks and leg muscles as well as the lower back. The workshop will include a series of therapeutic yoga poses and address how to adapt certain yoga poses for a wide variety of lower back conditions.

Anatomy will be discussed as pertinent to the poses we learn. Appropriate for all levels of students dealing with their upper and lower back issues as well as yoga teachers who want to learn how to treat these conditions for their students.

“Yoga helps us cure what cannot be endured, and endure what cannot be cured.”

– BKS Iyengar

Cost: $40 in advance, $50 day of workshop

*Suzanne Dong has studied/practices Iyengar yoga since 1994. She has studied with BKS Iyengar, Geeta and Prashant Iyengar in Pune, India as well as many senior Iyengar yoga instructors, Manouso Manos, Kofi Busia, Ramanand Patel and Lois Steinberg over the years. Her specialty is neck, shoulders and back as she used yoga to help with her own ailments. Suzanne has many testimonials on LinkedIn. Her love of yoga is infectious.

Therapeutic Restorative Yoga Workshop $40 per classNo purchase required to enroll

Winter is a time to rest, reflect, heal and nourish the seeds of new intentions. By
tuning to the cycles and vibrations of the environment that we live in, we can
embrace the energy of Winter by nourishing the mind, body and soul.
The workshop will open with an intention, a heart and throat opening mantra and a
centering breathing exercise. In the therapeutic aspect of this workshop Yoga
therapy balls will be used to relieve tension in the connective tissue, heal muscle
and improve posture. Restorative Yoga will follow to find calm and rejuvenation for
the mind, giving time and space for the nervous system to shift into repair. The
healing energy of Reiki will be offered to facilitate the open flow of life energy,
bringing soothing to the soul. And, to complete the whole experience, therapeutic
grade essential oils will be offered to support and deepen the nourishing and
There will also be a gift offering of 2 samples of therapeutic grade essential oils for 1
workshop participant, selected at random.
The workshop will be led by Suzanne Even who has been leading group and private
Yoga classes and offering workshops since 2012. She has completed 280 hours of
Registered Yoga Teacher Trainings along with numerous continuing education
hours. Suzanne has a B.S. degree in Health and Human Science and is a Certified
Health Coach and Reiki practitioner. Her intention is to create the space within this
workshop for you to not only relieve your body of tension and stress, but also to
facilitate a profound relaxation and healing experience in mind, body and soul.

Yin Yoga 1 visit freeFrom $10 per visit with 5 Youth (Ages 8-15) Classes for $50 pass

Yin Yoga poses apply moderate stress to the connective tissues of the body- the tendons, fascia, and ligaments- with the aim increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. Yin poses are held for longer periods of time- up to five minutes using props to support the body so it can relax. A more meditative approach to yoga, yin aims at cultivation awareness of inner silence, and bringing to light a universal, interconnection quality.

Vinyasa 1 visit freeFrom $10 per visit with 5 Youth (Ages 8-15) Classes for $50 pass

A balanced vinyasa flow yoga class that connects the breath to the movements of the body, encouraging mindfulness. This active class builds strength, balance, and flexibility. All Levels.

Mindful Flow 1 visit freeFrom $10 per visit with 5 Youth (Ages 8-15) Classes for $50 pass

A chance to welcome the day with opening and challenge for the whole body. Breath with movement creates opportunity for meditative reflection, cultivating the inner morning practice. With this, our day will shine! We will start mellow with opening and breath, find Flow and Power poses, and then brief rest to get the day’s momentum off to the right start. You will see your day blossom with this practice.

Restorative Yoga 1 visit freeFrom $10 per visit with 5 Youth (Ages 8-15) Classes for $50 pass

Release and renew as you spend one hour of your life in a yoga class dedicated to total relaxation.

The combination of conscious breathing and long-held restorative poses supported by a variety of props is designed to help soothe the nervous system and free the body of any physical or mental stress.

Consider this all-levels class like a mini-vacation for the soul, an opportunity to tune out from the hustle bustle of doing and tune in to the beautiful simplicity of just being.

Core Yoga 1 visit freeFrom $10 per visit with 5 Youth (Ages 8-15) Classes for $50 pass

A class designed to build the core with the breath and movement of the body. With this combination of Vinyasa and Pranayama (breath), you'll be sure to leave the class feeling balanced and sweaty. All levels.

Mellow Flow with Yin 1 visit freeFrom $12 per visit with Youth Drop-In pass

Join this early morning class for a wonderful kick off to the weekend! We will start out holding postures for several minutes to gently wake u[ and warm the body. Slowly we will invite more movement inot the body for a mellow flow, followed with an extended cool down of holding postures for several minutes again. Perfect for all levels.

Urban Zen Yoga 1 visit freeFrom $12 per visit with Youth Drop-In pass

This class is appropriate for everyone, whether you are recovering from an illness or injury or are simply in need of tender loving care. Urban Zen Integrative Therapy (UZIT) was inspired by Donna Karan and developed by Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman Yee.
Urban Zen blends gentle movements, restorative yoga poses, body scans, breath practices, aromatherapy and Reiki. You’ll leave each class feeling calm, relaxed, and revitalized. In a world of over-stimulation and over-work, these practices can offer you a meditative sanctuary.

Core & Restore Yoga 1 visit freeFrom $10 per visit with 5 Youth (Ages 8-15) Classes for $50 pass

Core & Restore is the perfect balanced class to end your week.The first half of class builds heat through strong postures, dynamic flows and deep core work. The second half of the class will cool down the body with gentle restorative poses and mindful breathing.

Yin Yoga with Reiki 1 visit freeFrom $10 per visit with 5 Youth (Ages 8-15) Classes for $50 pass

Vin-Yin Yoga 1 visit freeFrom $10 per visit with 5 Youth (Ages 8-15) Classes for $50 pass

A balanced practice- Half vinyasa and half yin yoga. The first half of class will get your heart rate up with challenging postures and a quick moving flow, and the second half of class will slow you down and guide you into an easy meditation.

Hatha Yoga 1 visit freeFrom $10 per visit with 5 Youth (Ages 8-15) Classes for $50 pass

Intro to Ashtanga 1 visit freeFrom $10 per visit with 5 Youth (Ages 8-15) Classes for $50 pass

Ashtanga is the original power yoga which is intended to be a daily practice. This powerful, healing practice is a specific sequence of postures (asanas) linking breath (pranayama) and movement (vinyasa.) This class is intended for beginners to learn the basic flow and postures of the first half of the Primary Series of Ashtanga. Some postures will be modified to be more comfortable for beginners. The opening sequence begins with a few Sun Salutations and then several standing and balancing asanas. We will end with a few seated postures and always finish with Savasana or Rest Pose. This class is intended for all levels of yoga practice.

Chakra Flow 1 visit freeFrom $10 per visit with 5 Youth (Ages 8-15) Classes for $50 pass

Beginners Flow 1 visit freeFrom $10 per visit with 5 Youth (Ages 8-15) Classes for $50 pass

This flow class is geared specifically towards beginners, but would be beneficial to any yogi looking to revisit foundations and alignment. Postures are practiced to align, strengthen and promote flexibility in the body. More time is spent in each posture (traditional hatha style), with a short flow and yin cool down at the end of class. This class is great for anyone new to yoga, someone who is working with injuries, or the yogi who just wants a slower and more form focused practice. Come slow down and take some time with yourself

Morning Flow 1 visit freeFrom $10 per visit with 5 Youth (Ages 8-15) Classes for $50 pass

This morning class will offer you a well-rounded practice to start your day. All levels welcome. We''l be warming up slowly, opening the body and then working into some stronger poses and nmore fluid movements, finishing with a few restorative postures; cultivation more strength, flexibility and balance in the body and mind.
~This class will offer *optional* essential oils to enjoy. As well as a short opening and closing chant.