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Therapeutic Restorative Workshop

$40 per classNo purchase required to enroll
Winter is a time to rest, reflect, heal and nourish the seeds of new intentions. By
tuning to the cycles and vibrations of the environment that we live in, we can
embrace the energy of Winter by nourishing the mind, body and soul.
The workshop will open with an intention, a heart and throat opening mantra and a
centering breathing exercise. In the therapeutic aspect of this workshop Yoga
therapy balls will be used to relieve tension in the connective tissue, heal muscle
and improve posture. Restorative Yoga will follow to find calm and rejuvenation for
the mind, giving time and space for the nervous system to shift into repair. The
healing energy of Reiki will be offered to facilitate the open flow of life energy,
bringing soothing to the soul. And, to complete the whole experience, therapeutic
grade essential oils will be offered to support and deepen the nourishing and
There will also be a gift offering of 2 samples of therapeutic grade essential oils for 1
workshop participant, selected at random.
The workshop will be led by Suzanne Even who has been leading group and private
Yoga classes and offering workshops since 2012. She has completed 280 hours of
Registered Yoga Teacher Trainings along with numerous continuing education
hours. Suzanne has a B.S. degree in Health and Human Science and is a Certified
Health Coach and Reiki practitioner. Her intention is to create the space within this
workshop for you to not only relieve your body of tension and stress, but also to
facilitate a profound relaxation and healing experience in mind, body and soul.